Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"It's all in the cards..."

I went and had a tarot card reading done several weeks ago when I was in the depths of my despair. I have utilized "mediums" before, but never had a card reading. I used to think that card reading and mediumship was nonsense, but I've slowly come to appreciate the "mystic arts" as I get a little older and perhaps spiritual. Nevertheless, I sat down with Vera at the West Coast Institute of Mystic Arts and bravely drew my ten cards. It was fascinating to see what cards I drew and in which order. The cards that I did choose are quite interesting. Vera was fascinated to see the huge amount of femininity surrounding me. No, it doesn't mean I'm feminine! Rather , I seem to be surrounded by many woman, or, by many feminine influences. Hmmm.... interesting. Just what I always wanted! :) Seriously though, the reading seems to indicate that I have a ways to go before I find that one big goal of mine, the soulmate (indicated by the High Priestess). Between now and then there could be a reunion, some soul searching and possibly more heartbreak (oh please, no more of that!). We shall see... all of this is to happen over the next four to six months.

Click here to view the cards. (PowerPoint required, sorry) My apologies for the cumbersome navigation and poor quality graphic. I haven't had enough time to do a proper job. Start at the Eight of Swords and end at the Six of Wands when you look at the reading.

I must say I am doing better than I was for the last two weeks. A big thanks to a couple of other bloggers, No_the_game and Asa, for their wonderful blogs and comments. I'm going to win this fight yet!

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At 2:12 AM, Blogger Åsa said...

Greg! Nice to hear that you feel better! Always good to have some feminine influences around I bet ;-)

A former co-worker of mine was from Island. She told me that mediums and spirits are a part of their everyday life. They believe that spirits live in piles of rocks (amongst other places), so in Island you will find a turn on an otherwise perfectly straight road. Just because it’s not good to move the piles of rocks where the spirits live. We are talking high-ways here! Could you see Cal-trans doing that when building new roads in California for example? (I don’t know any other names of road builders in other countries).

Keep up on your soul-searching! It can be a rocky journey – but always worth the trip. :-)

At 1:17 PM, Blogger Greg said...

asa - Thank you! It took a lot of effort, but I am feeling better. Better to look forward than to the past!

Interesting story about road building. In the past, roads were built in Canada without any regard to land claims or sacred lands of the First Nations people. That situation is slowly starting to change with recognition of Canada's indigenous peoples.

My soul searching is becoming exciting, as I find I am growing while I am discovering, and in turn I am attracting interesting things and people to me. Cool!


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