Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Idiot

I was listening to some Iggy Pop the other day and realized that I feel just like the title of one of his albums. Lately, everything thing I do seems to be idiotic or "stoopid". I'm really having a tough time interfacing with the real world and it's people. I'm truly getting turned off of people and their absurdities. Is it me, or is it them? Do I really care? Nope.

Enough of the loony tunes stuff.

It appears that I will loose my kids to my spousal unit in my impending divorce. The poor guys don't know it yet, but their mother is going to get them. We'll see how that works out, and if the kids will really go for that.

My youngest had his birthday last Sunday and that turned out to be rather uncomfortable for me. It turned out that his mother had a little birthday party for him in the kitchen while I was once again cleaning the house. I never did get a piece of birthday cake. What is it that turns people into crazed, ignorant monsters? Why is all sorts of misappropriate behavior "allowed" in the household, but not the workplace? I have absolutely no where to turn to when this sort of shit occurs.

Meanwhile, I wait patiently for news from my lawyer...


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