Monday, January 22, 2007

"Well, I keep gettin' life's been funny that way" - Neil Young, Crime in The City

Funny thing about getting older... the body changes, but the mind doesn't seem too. Internally I feel the same way I did when I was twenty-five (except for being a tiny bit wiser), but my external self (body) is telling me otherwise. I suppose it's time to ensure my external self stays in good, healthy shape. My mind certainly gets lots of exercise, my body does not.

It's interesting and sad all at once to realize that the human body deteriorates no matter how young one feels. Does our soul remain forever young and ageless?

Last week was a truly intense week with several extremes occurring in my life.

  • First was the gift of some computer memory from a colleague at work. My youngest son and I have been looking for more memory for his computer, but have been unable to afford any at the present. I never even put the word out to my workmates, but the memory appeared just like I had asked for it. Definitely the law of attraction at work. Cool.

  • Second was the theft of my work laptops from my car. That was a BAD thing. I lost some good information there.

  • Third was my wife finding out who my lawyer is (a very, very good one). She totally and completely freaked out, throwing pots and pans at me, and scaring the heck out of the kids. Seems that she feels that she should have the right to approve of which lawyer I retain (NOT!). Once she calmed down a bit I told her that I would call the police and have her charged with assault if she ever threw anything at me or hit me (yes, it has happened before). I also told the kids to call the police if they ever felt in danger at home. Looks like my new single life will begin shortly.

  • Forth, I experienced great success last week in my endeavour to become more "psychic". A very nice lady in England has been practicing "remote viewing" with me, and we've been quite successful in receiving images from each other. Cool stuff, if not a little freaky.

  • Fifth is my horoscope (I'm a Pisces) for the moment which is bang on.
    "The Moon passes through Pisces from January 21 to 23, heightening your emotional sensitivity and enhancing your psychic receptivity. dreams and visions keep you entertained while a series of unusual events may keep you amused and perplexed. You may feel that you truly want to make a difference in the world, and you may set out to do so."

Interesting times. Instead of feeling beaten up and depressed I feel stronger and happier. I now know what I want and where I want to go. I know that I can do just about anything... This is so exciting!

Hopefully this coming year will prove to be as positive as I feel right now...


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