Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mind mapping...

I have always been interested in maps and mapping techniques, and I've eagerly embraced "Mind Mapping" since I read about it in "How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci". Mind mapping is a great way for people like me who are totally scatterbrained and unorganized to create a visual list or map of the multiple paths required to meet certain goals. I recently downloaded and installed "Freemind", which is a free mind mapping application, and I sat down and mapped out a mind map which is centralized on my happiness. It was lots of fun rediscovering the things which I used to yearn for, plus add new things to help enable my future happiness. See my mind map here. Now I have to get serious and follow some of those paths...

I've been looking for art which gives me the "warm fuzzies" and I ran across a site which has reproduced pictures from the book "Oxford: Brief Historical and Descriptive Notes". Beautiful stuff. I love the detail put into the works. How an artist can reproduce a scene to near camera quality is totally beyond me. I'd love to have those skills. Yet another goal to map out on my mind map... :)

I haven't been posting lately because of a variety of reasons, including a nasty hard drive failure (ended up doing a major upgrade to my computer....cool), activities with the kids, and a definite writer's block. Plus, I've motivated myself back to doing a little more work on the house after seeing this years property assessment. The assessed value has gone up another $50,000, so it can't hurt to put a little more spit and polish into the place as I wait for the lawyers to make up their minds. So I'm back to scraping and painting while thinking about Leesa and her "Princess Panties". I have to get a life..... :)


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