Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Who are you? Random thoughts on who we really are...

A friend of mine commented to me about my blog last week, remarking on the fact that I have appeared to have moved forward in my mind space and life. It's true, I have. But the remarkable thing about writing a blog concerning one's life is rediscovering the true self. It's been amazing to start writing something and have unbridled emotions and thoughts come bubbling up. This has been very, very therapeutic in many ways, and I'm so glad to be entering an enlightened life through blogging.

So why are we like caged animals most of the time? Why can we not break the emotional chains which tie us to misery (for some), or don't allow us to grow to our full potential? I have been pondering this thought for a while now, as I begin to recognize some of my own emotional chains which have kept me from growing in ways that I should have.

I suppose asking everyone to free themselves of mental bondage is like asking everyone to forget everything they've learned and were taught over the years. Obviously, some of that information is useful, so we can't purge our minds entirely. Where do we start in the cleansing process, and what do we clean up and discard? Perhaps we should learn to find and define our core values first, then work our way outwards as in a mind map.

Just think of all of the fears, phobias, and sicknesses we've been burdened with by way of schooling, religion, government and other influential institutions. Now, I must be careful here, as I don't want to imply that these institutions are all bad. There are many good points about each one. But abuse of knowledge, and the reluctance to allow free thinking is common place.

Or perhaps it's just human nature to be lazy, to follow the least path of resistance, or to need a sense of security (usually false) by letting themselves be taken "care" of by higher institutions. Many people are not interested in thinking, let alone growing. The content of mainstream television appears to prove that point.

Never-the-less... I digress. :)

My intention for this year is to dig down through the flotsam and jetsam of my confused and puzzled mind, and find that bright, burning core of the soul. I want to discard all which harms and bothers, and concentrate on growing my consciousness in a healthy and meaningful manner.

How about you?


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