Sunday, December 31, 2006

Collecting radios...

Since I have been writing about my various hobbies, I might as well continue on for at least another post. :)

I have been interested in radios since childhood. I made my very first radio (with the help of my father) at the age of eight or nine from directions out of a Cub Scout manual. I've been hooked on radios and building electronics projects ever since. There's something magical to me about capturing radio signals out of thin air. I have spent many nights in the last forty years listening to many different types of radios, trying to receive stations from all over the world. My kids don't understand, because they have the Internet. That's kind of sad to me, as I always found it to be an exciting challenge to pick up that far away station, especially with an old vacuum tube radio. Ahhh.... there's nothing like sitting in a darkened room listening to an glowing radio... Must be the romantic in me. :)

I have been collecting radios for years, but I was forced to quit for a while as I was accussed of cluttering the house up. I used to collect the old vacuum tube radios, but they are getting too expensive, rare and too large to store. I'm now on the look-out for small transistor radios. There's still lots of them around and they are relatively inexpensive. I must say that I do enjoy searching second hand stores and thrift shops for interesting deals. That's something I'm going to combine with travel in my oncoming "new" life.

I have photographed a few of my radios which can be seen here. I have a bunch of nice old wooden cabinet radios, but they are all stored (or hidden) away for the moment...


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