Monday, December 04, 2006

I wanna be an artist when I grow up....

I've been having these terrible urges to bust out and do all sorts of creative things, but I don't really know how to. Some days I feel like taking open cans of paint and throwing them against a wall to see what I can do (hmmm... sounds more destructive than creative :) ). This all makes me wonder how people can live in a repressive society where creative thought is a no-no. That must be like torture to some.

I need to find a medium through which I can develop some artistic skills. Presently, I can't draw or paint worth a darn, but maybe I can look elsewhere for a creative outlet.

Artsy stuff I find interesting:

Ayad Al Qaragholli - I love this man's paintings. He is an Iraqi artist out of Baghdad. See his paintings here: .

Music - There is so much cool music hidden in blogs right now. The trick is to find it all... Some cool stuff I've stumbled upon:
Cassettes Won't Listen - neat stuff, particularly "The Sidewalk Cruise".
Bluebell - Oh man... she's got one of those voices that I fall in love with right away... The song "The Fight in the Cafe" is beautiful.
Buck 65 - One of my real favorites. I love the words and mood in "Drunk without Drinking".
The Madrigirls - Something a little different. Three women singing in a medieval and renaissance style. Beautiful voices.
The Ditty Bops - Great voices and cute too.

Making music -
Reed Ghazala's Anti-Theory Workshop . Now this is cool stuff, making music with modified (mutilated?) children's toys such as the "Speak and Spell". The anarchist in me loves the idea!

I'd really like to learn to make short movies or animations. What I'd like to start with is podcasting, and then move on to video casting. Something to strive for in the future...


At 4:21 PM, Blogger Dawn of "Love is there..." said...

'ello! :)

Fun to watch you progress - you've moved a lot of stuff out of the way now, and your life force, the essence of you, is making itself known in your life in a way it hasn't for a long time.

All your energy was previously wrapped up in other stuff - which is fine, but you apparently got into a place where you weren't happy and couldn't breath. So now that you're moving out of that, life force is flowing and you're beginning to feel 'alive' again. :)

A beautiful sight. :) Remember to bank the fire and keep some coals - there's a possibility of using all that energy up and then wondering where it went. You gotta keep a coal to keep the fire going. Does this make sense?

I guess what I'm saying is, the urge when you've been tied down and are finally free is to run like crazy - but then you run yourself down to the point of collapse...which can feel a lot like being tied down. Can't move...

Just an observation from someone who's been there. :) Feel that power, feel that grace and ease and creative energy and have a wonderful time - I just found that it's important to be sure to save some for later so it can renew itself. :)

- Dawn


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