Sunday, November 26, 2006

"Well, if I was a saint with a silver cup and the money got low, we could always heat it up or trade it in..." - Blame it on Cain, Elvis Costello

I puttered away on our storage/furnace room today, fixing up dents in the walls and holes in the ceiling. I like doing work like that. I'm able to do a good enough job now that I can be satisfied and proud when I'm finished. I've done good, hard work on this house all year long. Nobody has appreciated the effort I have put into this, but I still feel good about it. To bad it's got to be sold, though. There a few crummy pictures of painting the house and such in my gallery.

We had a massive (for us) snowfall today. It appears that we've received about 40 centimetres of the white stuff, and it's still snowing now. We lost power for about an hour and a half earlier; lots of tress and branches are coming down over power lines due to the weight of the snow. Pretty incredible stuff for this area and time of year. We don't usually get weather like this.

I downloaded an incredible audio file by Bob Proctor (of The Secret movie) titled "Attitude". It's a fabulous dissertation on how one's attitude can make or break one's success in life. The idea behind "Attitude" is to have a good, positive attitude no matter what. If something negative occurs, maintain the attitude that there is always something positive tied in to it. Bob's theory is that for every negative there is also a positive. And if you shy away from the negatives and embrace the positives (as you find them) you will succeed where others fail because of their negative attitudes. The key ingredient is to make sure that your attitude and emotions don't control you and your life. Keep a positive attitude and find good things in issues others have given up on. Cool stuff...

The last four weeks have made me reevaluate myself so many times that my head is spinning. I have learned much and met many interesting people. Now it's time to put some of the things I have learned into motion. It will be an interesting time for me in 2007.

I see the retinal surgeon tomorrow (if I can get through the snow) and he will decide what to do with my left eye. Supposedly he is one of the best specialists in the area and I'm going to trust his judgement. Another interesting day coming....

I'm still mourning the lose of my relationship with my friend. Damn, I miss her...


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