Thursday, November 30, 2006

"But don't you think that I know that walking on water won't make me a miracle man?" - Elvis Costello, Miracle Man

I am on an online Nortel course for the next two days, and so far it's been really boring! It's called "Carrier Voice Over IP", and I probably need it's information, but I tend to fall asleep after a while listening to such dry material. It's one of those courses where you log into a server somewhere and listen and watch to a presentation done by someone far away (Raleigh, North Carolina in this case). Oh well, I'm getting paid to learn, so I won't complain too much...(yawn)

The weather here has really been something this week. More snow and freezing rain yesterday and last night, yet now it's 2 degrees (36 degrees F.) and messy out. The kids love it, as they've already missed a day of school because of the weather. I think it's pretty (the snow), but the commute to work and back has been hell as evidenced by the picture on the left. I'm crawling past an accident on the other side of the bridge in that picture.

I bought a lovely little book called "It Works" a couple of days ago. It follows in the same vein as "The Law of Attraction". It's only thirty pages long, but that doesn't detract from it's beauty. The books' premise is "Mind over Matter"; you can get anything you want by just asking the "universe" for it. I find the whole idea intriguing... As an aside, I firmly believe that positive thinking will get me somewhere a whole lot faster.

I will keep my audience up to date on how I do with my "asking"...

As you've probably noticed, I've been experimenting in small ways with the blog (captions, pictures, etc.). I have a tremendous need to be creative; I'd love to be able to paint or take good photographs, so this blog is the start of my tentative creative efforts.

Speaking of creativity, here's a fun link someone at work sent me: explodingdog blog. Don't worry, it's not about cruelty to dogs, it's about a fellow who does simple, but amazingly good drawings from peoples request.

Thanks to the nice folks who have been leaving comments. I truly appreciate that!



At 9:21 PM, Blogger Josh Fuller said...

"It Works" really is an interesting book. The concept is so simple to follow. You're intentionally brainwashing yourself if you follow the rules, but who cares? If the results are good, so be it!

Key-Books has a copy available for free online but the old-school layout and typography really do make an actual purchase worth the latte you might have to suffer missing. I love the old manual set type and hand-screened style of old dime-store books.

Oddly enough, Key Books also links to The Secret on their main page.

At 10:04 PM, Blogger Greg said...

Thanks Josh,
I didn't realize that the book is available for free online. Bonus!

I agree that the whole premise smacks of brain washing (self hypnosis?), but who cares if it works to some degree (possibly in a placebo fashion).



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